Sunday, August 30, 2009

For Love

For love I am willing to give the gift of sacrifice
To defeat the giant that is my pride, crumble it and sweep it to the side
For love I am willing to silence my mind and let my heart speak what only love could understand
To melt away my fears and doubts, let them evaporate and rain down again as compassion and certainty
For love I am courageous enough to take a path unknown
To search endlessly for a love to call my own, for a priceless goddess to place upon a throne
For love I do not require reciprocation, a gift of my charity to another heart
A divinity made eternal, a power made infinite from god to me to you
For love there will be no substitute, a heart is not made for solitude
To share the gift of love means to have purpose in another
For love there is my promise of loyalty and truth
To be a bandage when there are wounds, to be a confidant when there is worry
For love ill be and live all these things
Sure enough I am a man and I will be a well of life to her when she is thirsty
A shield when her guard is down and I will be the one who carries her when the burden of life weighs her down
Only for love

My Perfect Woman

My perfect woman isn't perfect at all. Shes perfection in an imperfect soul, a diamond; although flawed in a way, she's still always beautiful.She's a woman of substance, not just a mere shell of one, someone who has the ability to light the fire of my entirety not just spark an ember of passion that is sure to die out.Someone who however damaged their heart has been can still grow to trust & not judge the sum of the male population.Someone who's pains & disappointments are the cause of their endless pursuit for peace & understanding not the reason why the door to their heart is preceeded by a labrynth with nearly impenetrable walls of insecurities, doubts, & fears.You see my perfect woman isn't perfect at all, its just that her desire for love outweighs her beckoning need for protection from hurt. Love isn't some fairytale in some far away land of melodious fate, love is a choice, however, most of us choose to stay in our faux reality & protect ourselves from hurt, missing out on the very thing our hearts desire most..

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The woman i want for me

A beauty that walked hand in hand with eternity
My desire personified in front of me
A dancing song in my reality
The archetype of inner melody
A sweet savory fragrance of my favorite fantasy
An extraordinarily unordinary personality
A piece of heavens light… shes more than satisfactory
The sun applauds her beauty with sun kissed skin
The moon gives her an encore and caresses her smile so romantically
She treads a line of light
A beacon of inner sanctity
A glow that melts the ice in me
Shes a flower in the wind that sways so elegantly
She is the harmony in song
The cage that trapped my thoughts
She is the woman I want for me.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Like the rain

If I was anything like the rain, I would be able to connect my heart to another
just like the rain connects the sky to the earth
If I was like the rain I could cool your burning heart and douse those lonely flames
I would be able to fill the cracks of your broken heart and fill the rivers of your love flow
If I was like the rain I would hydrate your body and leave it refreshed
Unlike the sun and the moon who are only there temporarily
I would fall down upon you whenever you needed me
My kiss would give you chills, my touch would soak your spirit
I would be your loves life source in abundance
My storm clouds would be your reassurance
My love.… if I was anything like the rain I would be the foundation of love itself
The thing that flows through you and feeds your every need
The source that cleanses you and rinses you spotless
If I was anything like the rain I would fulfill all your desire
If only I was like the rain I could be with you forever.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The night the star romanced the sky

The night the star romanced the sky, i caressed your smooth skin and gazed at the moonlight in your eyes. The night no rain fell and the wind carried a song, i kissed your lips and my arms carried u home. The night the lights danced on the sea, you ran your hands across my face, your subtle touch comforted me. The night the leaves began to fall from the trees, you and i removed our cares and our arms from our sleeves. The night the tides climbed and made the sand its bed, i kissed you from the soles of your feet to the peak of your head. The night time dissapeared and there was no space below or above was the same night i was yours, you were mine and we made love.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Scars of a broken heart

The ache of heartbreak left behind
The vision of your face seared into my mind
The echoes of your laugh bellowing through the chambers in my heart
I swore it would last, I was wrong so now where do I start
My perception of love now jaded
The remnants of the scent of you now faded
I still wonder where we went wrong
Could it be that it was never right all along
I thought I gave you all of me
Maybe I wasn’t enough
I guess it is true that the truth sets you free
I wasn’t well until I confessed to myself
That love wasn’t right in me
It wasn’t an easy thing to digest
The pain of loss lingered in my chest
I felt the cold blow through my emptiness
A feeling that felt so timeless
Left with no pain killers
No sleeping pills
A feeling I was forced to endure
When love makes you sick where is the cure
You fill that void in your heart with the lesson learned
Leave behind the past, walk away, let it burn
Hope for the best in the next
It wont be the same so ready yourself for a new start
Let new love heal the scars of your broken heart.

Monday, August 3, 2009

ladies: what is a real man to you?

So I have a question for my ladies out there, I hear you guys talk about how you guys want “real men” but yet you guys always seem to be heartbroken over a nigga so I’m just wondering what exactly do you guys consider a “real man”?

I was raised to be what I consider a man, a man puts himself third in rotation first is god, second is his family or his wife (if they don’t have a family), and then himself. I’m going to go straight into number two.. my woman. As a man I should sacrifice my wants to satisfy the needs of my woman, she gets the first and the last of whatever I have and when I get home from work I make sure there isn’t anything she needs before I sit down to relax.

I want to also address something I hear coming out of dudes mouth the old school “I want my lady to have my dinner on the table when I get home”. that’s hella out dated cause it’s 2009 and if you not ballin to where yo lady can sit at home all day then more than likely she is working just like you and is probably just as tired if not more than you when she gets home, so if you get home first how about making your lady some dinner and running her a bath (all hot water) so when she gets home she can have a nice dinner and then wind down in the tub?? I bet you she will gather up enough energy to put that thang on you when bed time comes up.

Ladies stop accepting bullshit and don’t give out none either, a real man can accept the truth and rejection is the least of his worries cause trust me, there is some female willing to do what you think he wants you to do but he aint after you for that and he don’t want her cause that’s all she got. Sometimes yall stick yall noses up at the right dude and be all on these watery ass niggas who aint about nothing.
So ladies, why don’t you answer this question…. What is a real man to you?