Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Growing internally is by far the loneliest journey taken. Nobody is aware of your inner thoughts, emotions, or structure of thinking. The things that make you different from anyone else, the very make up of who you are is embedded in the things you value and beleive. The things that you value are what controls you, drives you, or what can even crush you. Those things that u believe in gives you the faith of things not yet manifested physically, they give you the hope that those bad times will fade and joy will fill your heart and life will be much brighter. This whole journey has to be walked alone, the making of internal you can only be harvested by you for you. The inner strength of you, the very fuel of your passions and dreams, the ability to get up after defeat, the will to give it another chance over and over again. Growing internally allows you to be a vibrant light exterally, making you a beacon of prosperous infinity unshakeable, an unstoppable force of certainty, a walking definition of individuality, a generous giver of charity, an inseperable bond of family, a simple beginning of change for a community. It makes u a whole being instead of just simply being.