Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Purge

What have we done? Why have all the things that truly matter been thrown out of our hearts and trampled underfoot like trash in the ghetto? Our men are fruitless. Destroyed by the love of money and dragged along by the lusts of society. Gilded, emotional, depthless, and lazy. Their manhood whimsical at best, entertaining an audience of fools alike. A population of victims who hold no accountability for nothing other than conquering the latest woman blinded by naivety and their own selfish endeavors. Ashamed to claim anything of value, to be a father who provides and protects, to hold a legitimate job, or even speak the correct form of his language. I ask again what have we done? Why are our men throwing their crowns to the ground? How much more beneficial is it to lift someone up rather than tear them down? How can a man behave like a beast and kill his brother? Shatter the precious crystal that is his sister? How can he leave his child barren and roadless? Have we not been handed everything? Our women are turmoiled. They fear our men and their lack of leadership. Carrying the complete weight of life on their backs with no one to share it with. Created to be loved and cared for as companions but our men pit them against each other and defile their very nature. They themselves destroy each other by denying the source of their anguish and blame each other. Their perceptions of a good and suitable man warped and twisted by the same lusts that defeats our men. Allowing themselves to be spectacles of sexual desires, emulating men, and perpetuating this devastating cycle. This generation was born with rights our predecessors fought and died for and we disrespect their efforts. We were handed a life they hoped for and we refuse to live it. We have abandoned their paths and are stumbling down a road of destruction. We are faithless, depthless, ignorant, prideful, reckless and above all ungrateful. There are few things worse than death this is one.