Saturday, November 20, 2010

My love

For it is thou you never knew me
Like a child and their toy 
You've seem to have outgrew me
But I
The one who remembers how you felt
Cannot forget how you felt or outgrow you
Love remember I still know you
I tried so hard to show you
The love in me won't outgrow you
It's needs to know you
Intimacy throughout you
A need to give you real love
To desire to ascend love
Renew love 
A new love 
The right love
The I won't quit at night love 
The day love 
The surprising spurts of may love 
The never ending hey love
What can I do to make love 
To a love that doesn't sway love 
That I refuse to hate love
There has to be a way love 
I can get inside love 
Your mind love 
I want to defeat time love
This is fire love
That shoots you up much higher love
A mighty love 
That I just can't fight it love
I might just love 
The fact that you chose me love 
I just can't lose my love
You expand my love
I hold you with both hands my love
Kiss you end to end my love 
Just where do I begin my love
This should never end my love 
Let's love this to the end my love 
I'll only fight my love 
To keep this love in flight my love
At night love
I'll send you to the sky my love
 if you want the stars my love 
I'll make a way to give you light my love
You're right my love 
You're my right hand love
My bestfriend love 
A beginning over and over my love 
Tonight my love is where I just might my love 
Take my love and place my love
In your heart my love 
Let you take my love 
As it makes You smile my love 
I'll weep my love 
Out these eyes that needs your love
To survive the miles of life my love
Will you be my wife my love
As eve was to Adam my love 
We will be the first my love 
To love above the rest my love 
So say my love 
Why did we ever part with love?