Sunday, February 7, 2010

Solitary heart

You my solitary heart, soiled by the lies of the world, beaten by the betrayal of love done wrong, I swear you and I will never part. Our longsuffering journey to your mate, over the mountains of insecurities, through the valleys of diceit, we'll conquer any challenge to meet our fate. Your duty to keep singing your song, my job to shelter you and carry you along. Closer and closer to a love, to a heart who's song matches your own, my lonely heart oh how you've grown, Your bruises gone, your scars healed and to think you thought love is what you feared. Coming over this horizon you're racing time, I hear you whisper soon she'll be mine, even if they stopped the world my love will suffer no demise. solitary heart with a solitary love I'll carry you through night I'll carry you through shine, I'll carry you through death I'll carry you through time.  

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rest in peace baby sis and cuz I miss you

Baby bull, baby bee where are you going? You are not ready to be on your own yet, you and the ground have just barely met. Your hooves are soft and your wings are weak, these roads are tuff and these winds are strong, just wait, just wait, it won't be long. It won't be long until u get your chance, your chance to roam your chance to fly, your chance to live your chance to love, your chance to try all of the above. Wait!, why won't you wait? Where are u going, what's over there, wait baby bull u hardly have hair. baby bee wait for me, its cold out there can't u see? You are going too far please come back, hold on I cannot see, why won't you two speak to me? You have gone too far I cannot follow, I do not know what dangers you face, Why must you tred those creepy hollows? Ill wait all night for you to come home, you two are out there all alone, I know your hooves are worn and your wings must rest I can only pray for the best. I wake up, I had been sleeping, I find a bird who had been weeping. Little bird why does your eyes cry those cries? dear people I've been here since break waiting for u to wake, I have a news but for it u must wait. A news from who young swallow? Dear people why its from the hollow. Could it be my dear bull and bee? Well What was said to me, it was a group of friends you see, unknown to me is their identity. I am here u must trail beyond this land into the wood. I as a whole cannot go, take my eyes and they shall show. for I as a whole cannot sustain such a blow. Hours went by not a sound nor a breeze, where was the tiny swallow? Here I am dear people, here, there u go, now do u see? Your eyes will speak honestly. No! no!, my dear bee, my dear bull why did u not hear my plea? I do not want this vision my eyes now see, I do not want this truth that has come to be, take this pain away from me. It is yours to hold and yours alone, but thru this pain u must grow, hold fast to the redeemer, do not hear the deceiver. Open your eyes and keep your sight, if they are closed u cannot see the light. They were here by day gone by night, but keep in your heart baby bull and baby bee are alright.