Wednesday, June 9, 2010

When words collide

When words collide the grenade goes off and fragments fly
Diminished meanings, misunderstood feelings leave dreadful endings.
words mean nothing when clashing, just plain old jibberish and time wasting.
Sounds blurred by the wrong verbal prescription produce communication annihilation engaged by stubborn fixations of being right
Mental battles ensue in pursuit of the end of the lingual fight
Tongues lash at each other like dogs in a fight, resentment wounds that can't heal overnight leave brittle word warriors to ponder what might
What words to launch next in and out of spite.
What tongue tactics to lay back with as the oppositions counter attacks miss
Miscued notions envelope mislead feelings. the once ever repetitive and evernew "we" crushed into a complulsive so impulsive "me" and "I"
The blind word shot from the pistol of pride deflected by a sheild of ego let's the solution hide behind the eyes
The fault is an unsolved mytery of mind but it's launched from self to shelf so guilt is never dealt
In the end after the debri has cleared when the smoke and dust have settled notice the casulties were few
The count came back as a total of two
Me and you