Thursday, March 25, 2010


The realest truth I'll ever know
That your love became my greatest foe
It beat me bare down to my bone
Snatched the light right out my soul
I yearned and howled to be loosed
I feared my resort lied in a noose
The pain and aches your love gave
Sent me spiraling towards my grave
Nightmares now opress my dreams
Midnight sweats awake midbreath screams
Lonely tears full of pain and fears
Shut down my love slowed all it's gears
The evolution of my misery
Was not a quiet profound mystery 
It came ever so slow ever so prominent
I was naive it was my bed I chose to lie in it
The day you let yourself give up on me
Became the night that love crucified me
High upon the cross for love
No ground below no sky above
There was no knowledge of what this meant
Just the pain left over from loves abandonment
I died that moment high in suspension
A victim of the pain from loves crucifiction


Monday, March 15, 2010


The chain attached to your heart attached to the stake posted in the ground of your past, free yourself if you want this to last
There is a promised attached to this love I have to give, attach yours to it a healing powerful enough to set you free at last
There is a beauty attached to you so profound that words couldn't even express you, it's being shadowed by the fear that deafens an blinds you, attach yourself to love and let your light shine through you
A winter is cold but there is a shelter to warm you
A summer is hot but there is a shade to cool you
Your legs become weak but these arms are here to carry you
Release your love from the bondage that confines you
Show the path to you heart so the right love can find you
Let this love be the rhythm that rhymes you
Attached to a love that was wrong
Left you suffering long
Attach yourself to a love that is longsuffering, wise and strong 
And you'll find it was the right way all along 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Love trigonometry

 How can a love so gorgeous turn and be so violent, how can I lose somethin I thought to be timeless, I gave it all I had but my heart was a minus, the plus was the bullshit and it left us both divided
Now the conditions of our hearts just adds up to silence
My heart was your target and every shot you took equaled to a dodge or a miss... From me
Little did I see that the greater than was you and the less than was me
The solution to this problem was by a factor of three.. An open mind from you, an open heart from me and effective communication could have set us both free
For us to be we stick to the following
You plus me equals m(x) plus C
M being "more" times x , "x" bein what it takes to love and C being more communication from you to me 
It doesn't take much to figure out this love trigonometry