Monday, August 15, 2011

You Are What You Eat

Belief: The psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true. 
Information, this is the bases of all human action, our beliefs are a direct result of the Information we receive and they drive us or keep us from crossing certain thresholds. Information manipulates our beliefs, beliefs creates our perception, and our perception rules our reality. We receive information from our environments and the people we associate with which can sway our beliefs in a positive direction or a negative, in turn creating our reality. Information->Belief->perception->information->belief.

We feed off information outles from source to source becoming only what we digest and take into our minds. If our sources are debilitating and unproductive we become dibilitating and unproductive people. We process our information, believe it to be true, and act only the way we know how. We can only change when we change our sources of information, meaning, our environments and the people we hang around. Once we do change our outlets we will see different results.  

Changing a belief can be a difficult task depending on how relaible our source was and how much we depend on that belief. A belief can only be changed after it has be proven to be false or we decide to believe something else. Our beliefs can inhibit us if we let them, that's why it is always safe to have an open mind for different information to expand our thinking processes. We are a changing people, forever developing into greater forces wether they be good or bad and our sources of information will forever dictate our direction so always be mindful of what it is you're allowing yourself to eat. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Love Therapy: Setting Boundaries and Being Understanding

In our generations relationships there are a lot boundaries being crossed and too much stubbornness ruining the stability of relationships. It is more than necessary to establish how far you are willing to go for the sake of your relationship and even more necessary to be understanding in it. There are too many people who have no limitations for what they will do to keep their relationship due to fear of starting over or being alone. At the same  time people have too many limitations for what their partner cannot do in their relationship. Relationships can't function under those kinds of circumstances.

It is of the greatest importance to maintain your own identity within your relationship. Any and all relationships are a sum of two parts working together and should remain two parts in one circumstance to continue being considered a relationship. The feeling of love can be a consuming one, however, to be taken by that feeling to a point where you are no longer an independent operator in your relationships will result in you being drained of your ability to be conscious of boundaries you shouldn't cross. You will do things because you "love" them, ignore signs that are obvious to everyone observing them, and blame yourself for problems that arise in your situation (a situation because it's no longer a relationship). 

Gaining understanding in a relationship is vital. To know your partners habits, likes, and dislikes are one thing, but to understand why those things exist the way they do in their lives is far more important. Understanding must be reached in relationships otherwise there will be resentments that could potentially damage the relationship later on. Arguments and misunderstandings are inevitable in all relationships,however, they are just learning experiences. 

Certain boundaries are to be discussed in relationships especially dealing with Sexual romance. Many people have things they are not willing/comfortable to do sexually that their partner desires from them.  These things are to be discussed and a mutual agreement should be reached.