Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy mothers day

Mother oh the mayhem we've caused you, the ups and downs, the smiles and frowns we've given you
All taken in and accepted by love, so We thank you.
Mother oh how we struggled to understand the pressure we put you under, the ways we thought we were ready for life and disobeyed you, the way you sheilded us when it was only fair for our consequences to be dealt unto us, for that We thank you.
Oh mother how We thank you for your priceless, timeless love, the optimism and wisdom that made you invest in the greatest faith in us, there is nothing more we would love to do than to say thank you. 
Even in the times when our capacity to understand why you put your foot down was non existant, We knew you loved us.
Just like the times when the lash of your tongue crumbled out pride and reminded us we were not yet an adult, it was no doubt our my mind you loved us.
For the sake of your child; whether born unto you or taken in, you made the sacrifice of the ultimate charity and gave us your infinite love. 
We honor you from the deepest caverns of my soul and thank you with every drop of passion our existence on this earth has given us. You are my mother and We love you and you are appreciated with an insurmountable joy, excitement, and longevity. 

Your child