Sunday, December 18, 2011


I have loved from the deepest caverns of my heart
Poured out my souls essence upon life's most elusive sincerity
Gone through her struggles and enjoyed her blessings with revelry
But Here I am now pleading for just one waft of her scent regrettably the regrets in me fear this new love next to me
The better in me battles with the lesser me and I can't figure out if this is lesson or some form of treachery
Now I stand battered by the winds of doubt drenched by the waves of indecision trembling in the midst of vulnerability 
In the full of my ability I attempt to rid my heart of your reality
I attempt an impossibility to blend my perfect heart for love with my pride free of forgiveness 
For this I receive no recompense 
For this I'm plunged into the precipice of confusion
In this I bare witness to the truth I've always felt I've loved you in all the pain you dealt
I've loved you when the hands of time would fly I've loved you despite the lies beneath your eyes
And now that the truth has been revealed to me my path of redemption is clear to me
I must continue fearlessly along the path for loves eternity for I am incomplete until again we meet