Monday, September 12, 2011


She's a walking masquerade stuck behind many different faces trying to find the right one to replace the one that shows her pain
She's a beauty dimmed by her inner fears, stricken by remnants of pain well rooted in her memories
Tears swallowed with shots of intoxicants, manipulation of the good ones are her due recompense
She knows he loves her, she knows he cares but the last guy loved her too
Loved her so much her bones broke as he showed her
Showered her in crimson rain and left her with a life long memory of him 
Her light was dimmed by the darkness of turmoil, her plans foiled by inner confusion
Illusions plagued her road to sanity
Gripped by despair unable to rid  herself from calamities chains
she mindlessly Wondered in circles around her broken heart in search of it's missing pieces
Who knows if she will discover her peace again