Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Women are like wine

Fine and better with time 
Women are just like wine
Born of the earth bold and beautiful 
Complex entanglement much like the vine
Smooth intoxicating grip on the mind
Women are just like wine
Appropriate for the fine engagements 
Fit for the most intimate arrangements
A perfect high when consumed in moderation
A despicable low when abused for gratification 
Women are just like wine 
Your cool mood becomes more serene
Your passion filled moments be a dream
Get close enough to smell her
Tilt her to your lips so you can taste her
Never pour more than you can handle
Be careful not to waste her
A gift to man from god
To elevate your body and mind
Yes women are just like wine 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Love Therapy: Diminishing Misconceptions

Many of us enter into our relationships believing in certain concepts of love that could potentially damage the welfare of our relationships. These misconceptions place expectations on our partners that they may or may not have the capacity for and when they fail to meet those expectations we resent our partners and blame love. As we grow in our relationships misconceptions such as "love is a two-way street" or "love doesn't hurt" should be ruled null and void because they don't apply in a real relationship. 

Love in it's most simplistic definition is "charity". Charity is a gift from one party to another without any payment or gift in return. With love being "charity" love is never always a two-way street, it's often a one way street with a stop light.  I say a stop light because it's necessary to regulate just how much love you are giving out, giving too much of yourself can cause you to either forget about your own needs or be taken advantage of. When love is working the way it was planned to work then that's where the two way street is created, two people giving freely of themselves manifests the two way idea. It is not you give me some then I'll give some back. Kinda like a free way, sometimes one side has traffic and the other side has a bunch of cars flying by.

Another misconception is that "love doesn't hurt". Love hurts for the better, the very idea of love forces us to break bad habits, do things we normally don't do, and above all, be vulnerable. There will always be moments when love hurts because nothing good comes without hard work and the willingness to take a potentially painful risk. Love is meant to be done over and over again; some of us get it right the first or second time around but others have to learn the painful lessons it takes to become intimate with love and learn how to apply it in the necessary areas. We all need to learn to apply love in the most basic areas of our lives to build intimacy with it.
Love in communication: know how to communicate how u feel to someone regardless of fear or doubt. Do this knowing that it means progress and understand when you are being communicated to.
Love in relations: show love in this area not just sexually but find what makes each other feel appreciated that way you nor them feel burdened when giving.
Love in confrontation: show love when you're disagreeing. Never use hurtful information against each other otherwise that person will feel they can't be intimate with you because you will use it against them in an argument. Find a way to argue productively find a solution or just listen to what's being said and it will work out

The biggest and most powerful lie is that love doesn't exist.  Find a way to destroy the barriers keeping you from loving and love selflessly and abundantly, you'll never be unsatisfied. 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Update: New series

I know its been a minute since ive actually posted something on here but i been going through some personal adjustments which left me a tad bit distracted from writing. Im going to attempt to get back into it with a series of blogs that ive been giving some thought into. the series is going to be titled "Love Therapy", focusing on getting us back to the basics of what love is and trying to rebuild ourselves in it. its going to be an interesting project so follow along and dont be timid in giving your feed back. peace!