Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Heart of my heart

Plant my heart in the soils of yours Feed it the ingredients of love your water pours Shine the light of your affections   my heart sprouts life from this intrinsic connection   it's roots to reach deep  It's life kindred with yours A blended sovereignty of unprecedented intimacy  Flowers bloom in each smile that you give to me Fruits are sweetened each time u lay with me Because my heart was born from love it beckons you with its melody It's rhythms seems to be your heavenly blues to be near to me I can't seem to see any other thing but the beauty placed in front of me Without the light that was promised me the night falls on top of me Stars are your word sent subliminally  I close my eyes and your cries are reflected on to me Love can you be anymore confusing My heart beat thumps from beneath yours  Like an echo in time I find you ever familiar  A fear rises up and I see your absence in the mirror of the moon Your heart beats again and mine responds to remind you I'm not gone You are flesh of my flesh bone of my bone You are my ebb and flow my stop and start At last my love Heart of my heart

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Man on the Moon

I was the dweller of the moon Alone I looked down lovingly upon you I peered down into your heart  I saw your desires and your most secret thoughts and felt why you cried Suddenly the center of me came alive I reached out across the night longing to wipe your eyes I grimaced as the pieces of your heart scattered across the skies I patiently collected each piece with you in mind wondering how to make your pain subside I decided to replace your heart with mine so in time you'll learn that Love done wrong may hurt for the moment But love done right heals for a lifetime For yesterday I was just a dweller of the moon and today I'm now a man who fell from the moon and into love with you

Monday, July 9, 2012

Love in High Places

In altitude there is solace  Romance in open elements A destination of diligence  it's roads paved by the wills of the  Pure and innocent A great mountain, intimidating, fierce exuding no decadence  It's peak calls out to the longing in ones existence  It's voice reminiscent of someone familiar Amass with pillars of light the great steps escalate to the heavens In the eve of my deliverance I cleansed myself from my circumstances Took my first step upward and started taking chances For at the top is where my heart is Reveling in the rewards of its races Calling me to love in high places

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Questions to my brother

Do you close your eyes in the dark? Does your heart break in the nothingness of fear? Or maybe you wrap yourself in faith lest the light come to you? Are you coward or courageous? Do you revel in your own folly? Do you excuse your accountability and disregard your integrity? Are you man or boy? Do you find joy in the sorrows of your brother? Do you boast in your self made grandiose? Where is your worth? Can you love in the moment? Or must one offer up their very best? Is there honor there? Can you forgive your brother and lift him up? Can you break your carnal chains and live free? How can you live ignorantly? Why can't the right thing be your decision? Can you grow with no sustenance or do you just exist as you are, frail and decadent? My brother can you answer? 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Male "Realization" Syndrome

Men in relationships can and will be saturated with their own pride and ego at various points in any relationship. These attributes are nurtured throughout childhood and hardly ever disciplined within. They are subconscious powerhouses of defense and are potentially poisonous. They are the reason men are influenced by challenge, insult, humiliation, and their own carnal nature.  Pride can cripple a man's ability to listen and ego can hasten mans reasoning to impulsiveness. (Philosophers and social psychologists have noted that pride is a complex secondary emotion which requires the development of a sense of self and the mastery of relevant conceptual distinctions). Most men build their pride on a myriad of weak social constructs not strong personal values and as such, they are at best shifty and unpredictable. There is a difference in having pride and being prideful. A mans ego takes on a more complex role in his life and is extremely delicate. A mans ego is intended to regulate his instinctual desire for instant gratification. It is supposed to be the very thing that grants him the permission to be called a man however, an ego needs to be strengthened otherwise it succumbs to the passions of instinct easily. A man who is prideful and possesses a weak ego will eventually experience what I present as the male "realization" syndrome.  The male "realization" syndrome can best be described in a romantic relationship where he allows his premature pride and ego run rampant thru ought his relationship causing him to leave or be left. In time (Subjective to person) he begins to experience feelings of guilt, anxiety, and repentance "realizing" that he is in error. This will cause him to attempt desperate reconciliation presumably with his most recent affair or humble new beginnings with the next. A man must reinforce himself with integrity, discernment, and courage. He must accept accountability for his decisions and must practice patience to avoid finding himself facing the consequences of his own foolishness. In the end he has to commit to being a man. 

Monday, April 30, 2012


In the day I imagine myself being warmed by the sun in your smile Playing like a child in the cool breezes of your voice I daydream about the playground of your countenance  I wish just for a chance My hands can dance with it Dreams of days romanced in night fashion Songs of winter nights sang out and rejoiced Love   who is wisdom stray not away from grasp  My torment let wake the feelings I've always had I imagine myself being warmed by the sun in your smile Playing in the cool breezes of your voice I day dream about the playground of your countenance  I wish for just a chance my hands can dance with it  Silence my aching heart Claim my breath with your kiss  The desire within confined  Until moments end where fate lead us into love on fire An endless flame spawned from embers of passion Fed by your smile, and captured by by your lips In the night I seek your essence Your most intimate existence as you exhale my life back into me As I perfectly receive your charity The night evolves as we glow in vulnerability I imagine a song in the key of silence as heart beats welcome in reality That I am warmed by the sun in your smile still playing in the cool breezes of your voice as my hands caress your countenance while we dance in a romance I'll never forget

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Friend Zone

Designed to limit the level of intimacy of a relationship to be specifically platonic. The friend zone is probably the most duplicitous situations to be in, be it male or female because a person in this predicament is granted access to probably the most intimate and honest areas of a persons thoughts and feelings, but restricted from any and all romantic activities. This person is called upon for advice for relationships, called when there's a dilemma, and called for simple conversation and fun. This person understands, has compassion, and at times knows what is being thought before anything has been said. 
The trust in this relationship far exceeds that of any romantic relationship that has been initiated, they are known and respected by friends and family, and from time to time they may be mistaken for your significant other only to be countered with "That's my best friend". This person possesses every moral standard and quality that is desirable however they must be placed in the "friend zone" to protect the integrity of the relationship. 
In the most likely of realities and possibilities of alternate universes this person has a masters degree in all that is you! This person would love you like for god so loved the world but.... "friend zone"! This person helps pick up the pieces of pitiful broken hearts, listen to irrational reasonings, and never judges. 
The friend zone creates monsters. The longer that person stays there, the longer they watch, the longer they see what is desired and eventually it's emulated. The friend zone is not safe.