Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Male "Realization" Syndrome

Men in relationships can and will be saturated with their own pride and ego at various points in any relationship. These attributes are nurtured throughout childhood and hardly ever disciplined within. They are subconscious powerhouses of defense and are potentially poisonous. They are the reason men are influenced by challenge, insult, humiliation, and their own carnal nature.  Pride can cripple a man's ability to listen and ego can hasten mans reasoning to impulsiveness. (Philosophers and social psychologists have noted that pride is a complex secondary emotion which requires the development of a sense of self and the mastery of relevant conceptual distinctions). Most men build their pride on a myriad of weak social constructs not strong personal values and as such, they are at best shifty and unpredictable. There is a difference in having pride and being prideful. A mans ego takes on a more complex role in his life and is extremely delicate. A mans ego is intended to regulate his instinctual desire for instant gratification. It is supposed to be the very thing that grants him the permission to be called a man however, an ego needs to be strengthened otherwise it succumbs to the passions of instinct easily. A man who is prideful and possesses a weak ego will eventually experience what I present as the male "realization" syndrome.  The male "realization" syndrome can best be described in a romantic relationship where he allows his premature pride and ego run rampant thru ought his relationship causing him to leave or be left. In time (Subjective to person) he begins to experience feelings of guilt, anxiety, and repentance "realizing" that he is in error. This will cause him to attempt desperate reconciliation presumably with his most recent affair or humble new beginnings with the next. A man must reinforce himself with integrity, discernment, and courage. He must accept accountability for his decisions and must practice patience to avoid finding himself facing the consequences of his own foolishness. In the end he has to commit to being a man.