Friday, January 22, 2010

The love you chose to be

People say when you fall in love it just happens
Like a sudden trip and fall happen
No You don't get infected with love it's not a disease.. please
Love is a choice in which You choose to be
Love is a gift to you from another
Love is not done for reward it's done unselfishly 
without rebate or guarantee
Without the m before e
But with the u before s
Only when you choose will
It become the beat in your chest 
The words on your tongue
It'll be a song forever sung
You'll be a lover and a fighter
Fighting for what you love
And loving what you fight for
What you protect and provide for
Your love will be to die for
You'll die to yourself and live for the other
In the storm you'll be the cover
In the light you'll amplify your lover
Significantly magnifying intimacy
That intense unusual knowlege of your man or lady
The one who maximizes their qualities and the one to minimize their deficiencies
You..A testimate of the love you chose to be

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The power of honesty & the lack thereof

I beleive it is human nature to fear what we don't understand and what we cannot control. We live in our own perception of the world and have our own expectations of the people in it and sometimes those expectations can be and often are unrealistic. 

To alleviate the fear we are born with it takes honesty with self and to help free others of their fear it takes being honest to others. By excersising honesty our perceptions of the world and others will begin to change as we do.

Being honest can be one of the greatest difficulties for some people simply because honesty takes a great strength to do so. Honesty is where many of us fail the most, especially when it comes to being honest with ourselves. We often deny what's obvious to everyone else, we reject what we don't agree with even when it's full of truth. We convince ourselves that we are who we are and there is nothing we can do about it. We tell ourselves that those who we attach ourselves to have our hearts completely and there is no one else for us, even when these people are a source of great turmoil in our lives. If we would gain the strength to be honest in ourselves we would be more equipped to let go of old baggage and obtain new gifts from our futures.

The failure of outward honesty has contributed to immense damaging of our social interactions between each other. Everyone has the feeling no one can be trusted because lack of honesty in their past has taught them to beleive that. I beleive that not being honest takes more effort than it does to simply give the honesty that the circumstance warrants for. People like to tell the truth that they want to tell but not the truth that's necessary in order to alleviate them from feeling bad for lying but at the same time get away with lying. The only thing about that is there will come a time when that alternate truth will be discovered for what it is and either you tell the truth desired or the truth that's easy.

Relationships between people will continue to have problems unless we can master being honest completely, this is the power of honesty and the lack thereof.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sex: mind and body

I'm sure most of us know and agree sex is one thing that comes with some of the greatest pleasures and also some of the greatest risks. Our generation has definitely made sex a common extra curricular activity, not saying that's a bad thing but it is bad when engaged carelessly. We all beleive we know how to have sex and are in complete understanding of what it is we are doing... Are we really that familiarized?

One of my beleifs has always been there are two components of sex; sex of the body and sex of the mind. Men and women operate totally different when It comes to sex, a persons sex is dominated by one component or the other and like anything else that requires maturity they also require active excersise to help balance, regulate and recognize what part a person is sexing.  

Sex of the body is simple and easy, so much that it is done casually and to some degree, unconsciously.. We just do it. I think there are only few minor differences in men and woman who engage in sex of the body...  
One being "purpose", what does a person hope to acheive by having sex? I think it's fair to say that we all hope to acheive orgasm from havin sex, even though that purpose isn't always acheived for some of us. For women I think that typically the purpose for sex is to express feelings of affection for a person who they feel has earned it to a degree. Men on the other hand can use sex of the body as an ego boost, not always for expressing a certain type of feeling. 

The other component of sex is sex of the mind. This I beleive is vital in all relationships, simply because if a person knows how to correctly sex another persons mind everything else will have to work in accordance with what state the mind is in. This is what I beleive to be part of the "getting to know" stage of any relationship, it takes patience and familiarity to correctly and effectively sex a persons mind. What you believe directly effects how you behave and is attributed to how external stimulation influences your thoughts. When a person can read and understand how u think they know when and how to effectively stimulate a response from you on their behalf.. Example: if you and your partner are driving around and you see something you like but you don't wanna directly ask for it so you say something like "oh that looks interesting, cute, fun" etc. your partner knows and understands you well enough to know that you like to indirectly ask for things you find appealing, they will probably surprise you with whatever that thing was. Sexing the mind goes beyond the physical and takes a considerable amount of effort to become effective at it. This should be primary when when going into any relationship that has the potential to grow into something serious, everything else is secondary.