Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Man on the Moon

I was the dweller of the moon Alone I looked down lovingly upon you I peered down into your heart  I saw your desires and your most secret thoughts and felt why you cried Suddenly the center of me came alive I reached out across the night longing to wipe your eyes I grimaced as the pieces of your heart scattered across the skies I patiently collected each piece with you in mind wondering how to make your pain subside I decided to replace your heart with mine so in time you'll learn that Love done wrong may hurt for the moment But love done right heals for a lifetime For yesterday I was just a dweller of the moon and today I'm now a man who fell from the moon and into love with you

Monday, July 9, 2012

Love in High Places

In altitude there is solace  Romance in open elements A destination of diligence  it's roads paved by the wills of the  Pure and innocent A great mountain, intimidating, fierce exuding no decadence  It's peak calls out to the longing in ones existence  It's voice reminiscent of someone familiar Amass with pillars of light the great steps escalate to the heavens In the eve of my deliverance I cleansed myself from my circumstances Took my first step upward and started taking chances For at the top is where my heart is Reveling in the rewards of its races Calling me to love in high places

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Questions to my brother

Do you close your eyes in the dark? Does your heart break in the nothingness of fear? Or maybe you wrap yourself in faith lest the light come to you? Are you coward or courageous? Do you revel in your own folly? Do you excuse your accountability and disregard your integrity? Are you man or boy? Do you find joy in the sorrows of your brother? Do you boast in your self made grandiose? Where is your worth? Can you love in the moment? Or must one offer up their very best? Is there honor there? Can you forgive your brother and lift him up? Can you break your carnal chains and live free? How can you live ignorantly? Why can't the right thing be your decision? Can you grow with no sustenance or do you just exist as you are, frail and decadent? My brother can you answer?