Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Heart of my heart

Plant my heart in the soils of yours Feed it the ingredients of love your water pours Shine the light of your affections   my heart sprouts life from this intrinsic connection   it's roots to reach deep  It's life kindred with yours A blended sovereignty of unprecedented intimacy  Flowers bloom in each smile that you give to me Fruits are sweetened each time u lay with me Because my heart was born from love it beckons you with its melody It's rhythms seems to be your heavenly blues to be near to me I can't seem to see any other thing but the beauty placed in front of me Without the light that was promised me the night falls on top of me Stars are your word sent subliminally  I close my eyes and your cries are reflected on to me Love can you be anymore confusing My heart beat thumps from beneath yours  Like an echo in time I find you ever familiar  A fear rises up and I see your absence in the mirror of the moon Your heart beats again and mine responds to remind you I'm not gone You are flesh of my flesh bone of my bone You are my ebb and flow my stop and start At last my love Heart of my heart