Monday, April 8, 2013

Murder of crows

I've been in love with love from the depths of me Be called naive for believing in this thing in me But the thought of giving up on the gift of intimacy would be an act of stupidity I walk courageously toward its possibilities I'm nothing like those who gather aimlessly with minds of simple conformity My path leads to places only the strong can be The road there is not one traveled painlessly But a journey to defeat oneself To find the wisdom in vulnerability Know that I am one who is not attached to the public folly I don't dwell in my memories of melancholy I'm one existing with many Many who cah in the enticement of immorality The ones who intoxicate themselves with fallacies Ones who fornicate with ignorance And dance with pride in their overgrown egos But I although imperfect possess a perfect heart for love The singularity in this separates my existence from those who believe they know I'm the sky who loves They are just a murder of crows

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