Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Questions to my brother

Do you close your eyes in the dark? Does your heart break in the nothingness of fear? Or maybe you wrap yourself in faith lest the light come to you? Are you coward or courageous? Do you revel in your own folly? Do you excuse your accountability and disregard your integrity? Are you man or boy? Do you find joy in the sorrows of your brother? Do you boast in your self made grandiose? Where is your worth? Can you love in the moment? Or must one offer up their very best? Is there honor there? Can you forgive your brother and lift him up? Can you break your carnal chains and live free? How can you live ignorantly? Why can't the right thing be your decision? Can you grow with no sustenance or do you just exist as you are, frail and decadent? My brother can you answer? 

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